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Missionary Work

Imagine the impact of a missionary jointly holding this cross with someone learning about the love of Jesus Christ, and then releasing the cross into their hands to keep and pray with after the missionary departs.

The strength and presence of our Lord would be in their hands every day thereafter. 

They would never be alone again!

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Buy Hold Onto Religious Cross -- Case of 12 plus 6 Donated Free Crosses -Nonprofits Only

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Hold Onto Cross Intro

Galatians 2:20

I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the body, I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

One Pair of Hands


Christian Purpose

We strongly believe that the power of prayer instills hope, love and peace in our hearts. A personal relationship with Jesus Christ supports us through the trails of everyday life and the cross is a constant reminder of our Lord's sacrifice and unconditional love.  

Our goal is to get one of our unique and powerful crosses in as many hands as possible around the world.

Retail and Nonprofit Offerings

Our primary purpose is to offer our Christian crosses to nonprofit organizations at a very low cost (67% off ) so that they can be used for fundraising.   Our purchase model allows nonprofits to offer our wooden crosses to  their memberships and achieve a substantial profit while providing tremendous spiritual value at the same time. 

 This is in direct alignment with our goal of widespread distribution.  

We are very happy to offer individuals an opportunity to purchase a single cross as we recognize that your church, school or organization may not be offering our crosses at this time.  We highly encourage you to introduce our crosses to your church, school or organization. 

Personalization Options

It is very important to us that your "Hold Onto Cross" is absolutely as special and impactful as possible for you.

We are proud to offer two forms of engraving:

Engraved Sides - you may elect personalized engraving on one side or both sides.  The price is the same ($13.95) for either option. 

We offer brass plate engraving and engraving directly into the wood.

If you elect engraving on both sides you may designate brass or wood or a combination of the two. 

Our personal preferences are wood on both sides or brass on the front and wood on the back.

Brass Plates - we can engrave a 3.5" X 1" bright brass plate as follows:

1. Up to four rows (three is optimal for print size).

2. Up to 60 characters per row including spaces.

Wood Engraving - we have the ability to engrave directly into the wood beautifully.

1. Up to four rows (three is optimal for print size).

2. Up to 70 characters per row including spaces.

Character Size - please note that the size of the characters decreases based upon electing more rows or more characters per row. 


By purchasing a personalized cross you agree to allow our artist to select the fonts, letter sizes, etc for your personalized messages.

Order Form - please download from our Personalized Crosses page and submit by email.  We look forward to making your cross very personal and special for you.

No Return Policy for Personalized Crosses

We are in the business of saying yes to our customers.  In turn, we need our customers to understand that once a cross is personalized we can no longer return it to inventory so it cannot be returned.  

Exception, if we made a mistake on your engraving you can be assured that we will most definitely replace your cross.

We want you to be very proud of your personalized cross.

Goal of Donating 1,000,000 Crosses

Our goal is to donate one Hold Onto Cross for every two purchased. 

We will do this at the point of sale by adding 6 or 12 free donated crosses with all case orders of 12 or 24 purchased.

We will select worthy recipient organizations to donate crosses to based upon individual cross sales.

Please help us reach our goal of 1,000,000 crosses donated quickly.  


Contact Us

We would love to hear from you.

Please email us at customerservice@prayingasone.com

Please send us any testimonials or photos of the  inspiring things that you did with our cross and we will post on our site.