About Our Christian Cross

Founder of Christian Cross Company Praying As One

Cliff W Gardner, Founder

I always felt that I was a very good Christian, but I was a "quiet Christian".  I maintained a strong belief system and I followed my beliefs through my daily actions.  However, I did not make a focused effort to introduce Jesus Christ to others.

In late 2016 I went into the hospital for a very minor routine heart procedure.  Instead, I became the first patient in the history of the heart hospital to have his heart punctured. I came within 7 minutes of dying before a full open heart surgery was performed to save my life.

During my recovery, I knew that my Savior had saved me for a very important purpose, but I did not know what that was.  The second I was gifted a "Hold Onto Cross" I knew.   It was as though God put his hands on my shoulders and said that he wanted me to "help introduce Christianity around the world"

I have fully embraced the divine direction that I have been provided and that was the catalyst for creating Praying As One. 

The Christian cross is such a powerful symbol of Jesus unconditional love for us.  It is ideal for Christians to strengthen their prayer life and for introducing the love and grace of Jesus Christ to others. 

My goal for Praying As One's religious cross is to introduce as many people as possible to Jesus Christ by getting this powerful handheld wooden cross into their hands through religious organizations and missionary efforts.

The ultimate goal is to donate 1,000,000 crosses to positively impact 1,000,000 lives directly plus millions more indirectly.  

Is it an aggressive goal?  It would be if this was not a blessed initiative.

I would like to sincerely ask you to become a part of this goal.  


Originator or Wooden Prayer Cross

 Pastor Walt Waiser

The "Hold Onto Cross" originated 20 years ago when Pastor Waiser recognized that a woman in his congregation, the wife of a policeman, was overcome with fear when her husband left for his shift each night. Pastor Waiser recognized that she needed something to "hold onto" while praying.  He brought her a cross, and they each held and prayed together.

Pastor Waiser then released this prayer cross into her hands and instructed her to cling to this cross with both hands while she prayed for her husband's safety each night.  He encouraged her to pray with this cross until she met someone who needed it more.  Three years later her strong faith allowed her to pass the cross on to another person in need.

Pastor Waiser always keeps a “Hold Onto Cross” in his pickup. It is especially helpful to share in the midst of hospital difficulties, or pastoral care tragedies, or when walking with someone near the time of death.

The cross of Jesus, especially in connection with His Word, always has a powerful and trans-formative  effect in a person’s life. This cross can also serve to encourage people to keep Jesus at the center of their lives.

For this reason, this hand held wooden cross serves to as a wonderful gift at the time of a confirmation or a wedding or a baptism, because nothing says the love of Jesus like His cross.

 This wooden cross is ideal for Christians to strengthen their prayer life and for introducing the love and grace of Jesus Christ to others.